Taglines are a powerful communication device for an organization. Hearing or seeing a tagline instantly conveys the values or a message about a company or its products and services. The right tagline can greatly enhance the effectiveness of a strong brand. CreatingBrands.com can develop a tagline as part of the brand development process that can be as effective for your company as “Just Do it!” was for Nike and “Got Milk?” was for the milk processing industry.

CreatingBrands.com takes what it learned about your organization during the branding process and uses it to create taglines for your company and for the products it offers. If you already have a brand, our creative professional team works with you to develop taglines to enhance and promote it.

The process of tagline development

The most effective taglines create interest and connect your organization or a particular product with your brand’s promise and the message it was developed to send to consumers. CreatingBrands.com puts its team to work creating engaging taglines to entertain, intrigue and captivate a target audience in the your company’s marketplace while accomplishing the following:

  • Promote and enhance the message of your brand
  • Encourage your audience to discover more about your products, services and your company
  • Make your brand and the company behind it stand out from your competition
  • Create customer recognition of and association with your brand

Using the information we gather through the questionnaire you complete for us, our professional team develops taglines for your consideration and approval. We take the taglines you like and continue to refine them until they meet your expectations.

Taglines are checked for originality and trademark clearance before we give them to you. The searches we conduct reveal any conflicts with existing trademarks or with other commercial uses of the taglines we’ve developed.

Qualities of a great tagline

Great taglines take time and imagination to develop. Taglines must possess the following qualities for us to offer them to you:

  • They must be memorable and imaginative
  • They must succeed in the languages you specify
  • They must be original and capable of being trademarked
  • They must sound good if spoken and look good in text

One thing a tagline cannot be is static. The taglines you select for your organization must be adaptable to changing times and changing products. CreatingBrands.com works with the appropriate people within your organization to ensure the creation of taglines capable of being modified without affecting the essence of the message or the values it represents.

Let our professionals work for you

The creative professionals at CreatingBrands.com understand the important role taglines play in promoting and enhancing brands. Let us show you what taglines can do for your organization’s brand.


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