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Q. What can my business expect to pay for proposed names from CreatingBrands?
A. The price you pay depends upon the number of names you ask us to offer you each time we submit options to you. Unless you tell us otherwise, we will submit names without regard to the availability of a corresponding dot-com. Asking us for names with dot-com availability can influence the number of name choices that might be available. Keep in mind that unique and novel names might offer a benefit in terms of a lack of trademark conflicts.

Q. Are there any risks for a company that wants to locate its own name?
A. If you select a name that is the same as or similar to the name of another company or business, you could run into problems with trademark law and trademark infringement claims. The names do not have to be identical. Legally, if the name you find could lead to consumer confusion with an already existing business or entity, you could be forced to stop using it. Finding the right name takes time and can be frustrating. We offer you the chance to concentrate on running your business while CreatingBrands focuses on finding the perfect name. We have the research skills and knowledge of digital branding to turn the information you provide in the CreatingBrands questionnaire to present you with a list of name options that satisfy your trademark, availability and branding criteria.

Q. Does CreatingBrands check the name options for trademark conflicts?
A. Our team of branding experts screens all names against our database of trademarks in the United States. If you plan to conduct business internationally, we can also check it against names in use in other countries as you direct. We cannot guarantee that the name options we give you are completely free of trademark issues, but our searches screen for obvious conflicts. The final clearing and registration of your name will take place when your attorneys take over after you have chosen a name from the list we give you.

Q. If a company plans to do business in another country with a language other than English, can CreatingBrands check to make sure the name is appropriate in both languages?
A. No one wants a brand that translates as an offensive word or that has an offensive meaning, so CreatingBrands offers you the opportunity to request screening by a professional who is fluent in the particular language. At your request, we can provide or outsource the screening of your brand in Arabic, Hindi, Russian, Italian, French, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish and Mandarin.

Q. What other services does CreatingBrands offer for companies that want to begin using their new Brands right away?
A. Our team can create a splash page as long as you have an existing website. The new brand, a logo GIF, live emails and information about your business can be posted on the splash page on the day we receive your request. The splash page can help you to secure your rights to the name you chose while also attracting free press exposure.

Q. How does a company go about acquiring or giving up rights to a domain name or securing trademark rights?
A. An address on the web and trademark rights are essential to the success of your new domain name. CreatingBrands provides escrow and contract services along with technical support upon request to assist in the acquisition or sale of trademark rights and dot-coms. Acquisition of new domain names entails the following:

  • Creation of a written acknowledgment that your company intends to build, develop and compete using a new mark; and
  • Signing of our proprietary transfer agreement that protects the interests of buyers and sellers of domain names by allowing for the cancellation of the sale in the event of misrepresentation. This might occur in situations in which a party is a competitor with a similar name or the holder of a trademark.

The procedures we use to help you to acquire the domain name you desire focus on trademark rights because a conflict can result in lawsuits for trademark infringement. Besides the time, money and unfavorable publicity this can create, it can also force you to abandon your brand.

Q. Can CreatingBrands give a company the privacy and confidentiality it needs?
A. CreatingBrands operates under the strictest rules of confidentiality. All of the information you submit to us, including the information and data in the questionnaire, is kept private and is never shared with anyone without first obtaining our client’s written consent. For those clients who feel more comfortable doing business with us under a nondisclosure agreement, CreatingBrands is willing to cooperate by signing one. All discussions we have with you or other personnel acting on your behalf are never disclosed by us. This includes launch dates, business models and other information pertaining to your company. We never sell or share your email address or contact information with anyone outside of CreatingBrands.

Q. How does a company get started with CreatingBrands?
A. All it takes is a telephone call or an email inquiry to CreatingBrands to get your project started. A member of our team will gladly guide you through our simple information and data gathering process that ultimately leads to new branding options for your organization.

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