Domain name acquisition is an essential step in the branding process. The foundation for your organization’s brand should be the domain name associated with it. The choice of a domain name to propel your business to a position of leadership within its market does not happen by chance. The domain name experts at know a domain name can be as much of an asset to a business as its brand, so acquiring it should follow a carefully orchestrated, step-by-step process.

The process of domain name acquisition

Finding a unique and memorable domain name to associate with a company’s brand and website need not be a daunting task. Scrolling through the lists of available brand names quickly leads to frustration as chosen names turn out to be unavailable for acquisition. Businesses lucky enough to find an available name frequently regret their decision when the name conflicts with an existing trademark.

The process used by avoids the frustration and risks. Whether you are branding a new business or product or rebranding, the process to acquire a domain name follows the following steps:

  • Acquiring information through a questionnaire about your company, its products and the marketplace in which competes
  • Locating a unique and memorable name
  • Research and evaluate consumer reaction to the name
  • Researching domestic and international trademarks for conflicts
  • Identifying language or cultural issues related to the name

The acquisition process ensures you of a domain name that grabs the attention of your audience and advances your company’s message. We also ensure that the names we present to your are available for acquisition.

Presenting you with name options that make sense

Our research and evaluation of potential domain names begins with getting to know your organization and the environment in which it does business. The brand names we present for your consideration are carefully chosen to be consistent with your organization’s brand strategy. This is accomplished through an analysis of the marketplace and the consumers you wish to target.

Ensuring consistency between your domain name and your branding strategy does not happen by chance. We evaluate your advertising and marketing campaigns to determine which names can work most effectively with them. works closely with your management and employees to create an internal acceptance of your brand strategy and domain name. When the people within your organization accept when you are doing, they will promote it to your customers.

Trademark conflicts can set you back routinely researches each domain name we present to you for domestic trademark infringements and conflicts with similar names. If your business interests include international markets, we have the capability of researching conflicts in those countries in which a name conflict could arise.

All the services your organization needs offers a full range of domain name acquisition services to help your company develop and launch an effective branding strategy. Contact us today to find out what we can do for your organization.

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