If you believe your company’s logo is its brand identity, then you need to talk to the branding experts at CreatingBrands.com. The importance of a logo as the focal point of a company’s brand strategy cannot be denied. It creates a sense of familiarity and an immediate identification in the minds of consumers and B2B customers with a company and the products and services it offers. Logos, symbols, emblems and other graphic devices are not your brand, but they play a key role in promoting and enhancing it.

Difference between a brand and a logo

A brand is an intangible in the sense that it represents the message you wish to establish in the minds of consumers or B2B customers about your organization and what it promises to deliver in the form of goods and services. Your company’s marketing and advertising are the tools used to promote and advance the relationship you want to build with your target audience.

One device companies use to establish identification between a company and its audience is a logo. A company’s logo or other trademark should serve as a graphic representation of the organization in the minds of its customers. It should be consistent with and promote the brand.

Creating brand identity with a logo

Logos are representations of the relationship brands create within the marketplace. The logo designers at CreatingBrands.com understand the characteristics needed for a successful logo, including:

  • Simple: Consumers should make an immediate connection between your logo and your brand.
  • Visual: If you think about companies with distinctive logos, the vast majority of them communicate corporate identity without text or verbal content.
  • Distinctive: A company’s logo should be unique and be easily distinguishable from its competitors.
  • Versatile: Logos should be capable of performing as well in print as they do in digital advertising formats. They should be as recognizable in color as they are in black-and-white or in gray scale.
  • Memorable: You want your logo to be something people will immediately recognize and associate with your company which can only happen if people remember it.

Our designers create different styles, color schemes and other variations to give you options from which to select a logo that fulfills your goals. Each design option takes into account your marketing and advertising strategies in addition to the goals you have for your brand. If the design options are not to your liking, our design team will continue working until they create a logo that satisfies your expectations.

Logos and trademarks telling your story

Symbols and logos identify a company to its target audience. The brand associated with a trademark is what your audience anticipates and expects to receive from the company associated with the trademark. The almost-universally recognizable Nike logo represents the highest levels of athletic performance only because the company spent the time and money on a marketing campaign to establish its brand in the minds of consumers. The logo triggers a stored memory, but the memory was created by the brand.

Find out what CreatingBrands.com can do for your company

Symbols, logos and other trademarks help you tell a story, but your brand is the story. No one understands this better than CreatingBrands.com. We offer all of the branding services you need starting with a brand strategy and brand name development through all of the phases of the process that introduces your brand to the marketplace. Contact us today for more information about what we can do for your brand.


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