Briefly About Our Company takes the guesswork and uncertainty out of the branding process. Finding the right name for your company, services or products is essential to a successful brand strategy. The choice of a Brand Name can be the deciding factor in driving your business to the top of the market in which you compete.

Our company was created to help people like you to be successful by creating unique, powerful names for your business or for the services and products you feature. The services we offer are designed to take the difficulty and risks out of finding the domain name that is right for your business, professional practice, or products and services. Here is how we do it for you:

  • We gather as much information about your company or about the services and products you want to name
  • We identify and explore with you the goals you which to achieve with the name
  • We identify your customer base, your competitors, your name preferences and other key factors that will go into providing you with name choices
  • We seek and encourage your feedback and active participation in the information-gathering phase of the process that ultimately leads to name options for you
  • We conduct preliminary screening of the name for trademark clearance
  • We produce a list of recommended names from which you can choose the one that you like the most
  • We provide you with summaries of how each name fits within the stated needs and goals of you and your business
  • We offer you options, so if none of the names satisfy you, we can refocus the criteria with which we are working to produce additional names for you

Choosing a name for branding or other purposes is not the end of the work we can do for you. We are not a domain marketplace or broker, so while we do not reach out to owners of domain names to inquire about purchasing them, we can offer you estimates of the value of any of the names you select from the options we offer you.

Our goal is to help you to create a memorable and effective name to make your businesses the recognized leader in your market.

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